"...the achievement of a million unremarkable days." Jeffrey Eugenides

stardust ideas:

The first painting in this series was "I'm not lonely. I'm just curious." I wanted to depict a space scene with millions of stars but in a theatrical way, like a stage or a set. At the same time I was working on this painting I heard Jill Tarter talk on the radio and she filled in all the blanks for me. so my unformed or not quite verbalized ideas about space, space travel, and the future were informed by her ideas. Most of the titles in stardust are words, direct quotes, ideas, or composites of ideas from her interview. 






power plant:


power plant has a negative connotation, something poison, evil, wasteful. The "power plant" image developed as a monumental structure, like the great pyramids, something unexplainable and awesome.  When it was finished the image seemed powerful like something alive, simmering, and generating energy. It made me think of a gigantic generator. A "good" power plant, not a destructive one.